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2/28/17 PreHab: Scap Pull-ups, Band Pull-downs, Core Activation Warm-up: Single Leg Deadlifts, Kip Swings, Dip Support Specific: Deadlift (Build to working weight), Double Unders, Pull-ups Skill: Muscle-ups WOD:  Rx: 35 Double Unders C2B Pull-ups Deadlifts @ 60-65% *9min cap *Perform 35 Double Unders after each round of Pull-ups and Deadlifts Rx+: 35 Double Unders Muscle-ups Deadlifts @ 60-65% *9min cap Option 1: 15-21 Double Unders Pull-ups Deadlifts @ 50-55% *9min cap Option 2: 3-5 Double Unders or 70 Single Unders Pull-ups Deadlifts @ 50-55% *9min cap


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