Barbell club is for ANYONE looking to gain strength! The next cycle will be a hybrid of Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. Gain lean muscle, increase strength, and improve efficiency of movement in complex lifts like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. It is easy to understand that increased strength will help you express all aspects of your fitness to a greater degree! Take the step now to take your game to the next level, put in the work, and have some fun playing with Strength’s BEST tool, the Barbell.

Though we incorporate Olympic style weight lifting into our CrossFit Classes, we also take it one step further for those looking to focus on Olympic Lifting.


WHEN: Beginning 1st Week of October-Tuesdays at 9:30/Thursday @7pm/Sat @ 11am this Fall cycle will be 8 Weeks Long.

We offer the Vantage Barbell Club which includes the following:

Jerk Blocks
Olympic Lifting  Barbells (male and female)
USAW Certified Coach
8 Weeks of Programming
Open Gym and Hands on Coaching

There will be 3 Coached Barbell Classes per week during the program.  We run this program seasonally.For more info please contact info@crossfitvantage.com or fill out a contact form.


Brandon Deines 

Check out what people are saying about CrossFit Vantage Barbell Club:

Barbell Club and why it’s good..

“I gladly signed up for the Barbell Club this fall and loved it.  I wanted to make gains on my lifting and work on better technique.  By the end, I had made several PRs on multiple lifts, and I now take what I’ve learned through Barbell Club and apply to my lifting in WODs and its made a difference for me.  I am more comfortable with the range of motion and understanding what a good lift feels like verses a bad lift.  I also got to know the other Barbell members who had similar goals.  If you are curious, interested, scared, or nervous about barbells; I would recommend you give it a try.  You’ll be surrounded by people who are interested in picking it up and putting it down.  You go at your own pace and lift the best you can.  I look forward to signing up for Barbell Club and will sign up every time they offer it.  You may not like every lift; I know I have lifts I love and lifts I try to avoid.  However, I’ve always had a good time lifting and chitchatting with other Barbell members”. – Anna

I joined barbell club to simply get stronger with barbell movements.  Even at one day per week, I saw huge progress with my techniques and ultimately results.  Since barbell club I’ve hit PRs in back squat, front squat, snatch, push press, and strict press.  Brandon is a great coach!

Anyone thinking about joining the Barbell Club should pull the trigger and do it.  First off, if you’re thinking it’s too tough to fit into your schedule, it’s not.  You can make up workouts at anytime – you know ahead of time what’s expected so just fit it in when you can.  With that in mind, it’s a lot more fun working out with the group:)

Secondly,  Brandon is a fantastic teacher and really starts pounding into your head some of the keys to success with the Olympic lifts.  I’m pretty sure that everyone who was in the Barbell Club last round had a PR in each of the major lifts by the end.  You really start to feel what some of these lifts are supposed to feel and look like – it takes lots of repetition to get that neuromuscular connection to finally start to make sense.

Lastly, we had a great core group of folks who showed up at least one day a week, and it was a blast just chatting and helping each other get through the workouts.  I wouldn’t think twice about signing up having been through the first round.  You can’t ask for a better Olympic lifting coach than Brandon – Tim

The Barbell Club coached by Brandon Deines is fantastic.  I significantly improved my performance in all facets of Weightlifting.  Brandon did a great job teaching and demonstrating proper form as well as providing challenging but fun programming.  During the 12 week course I saw significant gains in all my Weightlifting and Strength disciplines.  And this was all while having a good time with a fun group.  I was ready for a little change in pace from Crossfit and this fit the bill.  Oly lifting gets you strong. – David