Our mission for Wellness & Goals Coaching program: To help our members realize, work towards and achieve their physical goals/ performance goals (Double unders, Pull ups, weight loss) and in and improve the lives of our community consistently throughout their fitness journey!

Setting goals is so important to our athletes success that we offer this up monthly to our members to make sure they are on track to accomplish everything they dream of.  An important factor to this all is the accountability piece which we provide.

Why are Goals Important in the gym? 
Working with a goals coach to set specific goals and a detailed action plan with ongoing accountability provides the structure to continue to improve.  We want to make sure our athletes are continuously improving and never getting stale or bored!  It is hard to get bored when you are seeing your progress!

Who is this for?
Any current member at CrossFit Vantage- New or O’g’s!

New Members – CrossFit can be an extremely intimidating and overwhelming environment.  This program would help to ensure that you have guidance throughout your fitness journey and we are dedicated to help you reach their fitness goals.

Ongoing Members – Maybe you saw fast results at the beginning, and then after a couple of months, the progress slows down (which is simply just the nature of the beast)  Don’t worry- that’s what this is for- continued focused development to ensure  you are continuing to progress.

Schedule a session with a Coach by contacting Coach Emily: emily@crossfitvantage.com

– 15 Minute Goal Setting session with a Coach

– Free to all CrossFit Vantage Member